Business Accelerator in India for rapid growth

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Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
DevX Oct10- AI & IoT based Accelerator Program

Our endognous accelerator program in India for scouting tech innovation focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) built by entrepreneurs for budding entrepreneurs. We have our in-house lab support for both the technologies, use them at any hour of the day. Alongside, 24*7 mentorship support through industry experts who knows how to built, you get to select what you want, whom you want and the deadlines. We focus largely upon growth through rapid sales with our team that not just provides business connects but a holistic business development support.

Tech Innovation with AI & IoT

Build- Sell- Improve- Sell More
No nonsense business growth is our core focus into multiple domains.


IoT and Artificial Intelligence backed innovations to detect early signs of health ailment and the menace to curb the spread right at the beginning.


B2B space still unexplored to a greater extent, it leaves much room for innovation to happen right from financial services to payment gateway digitizing the entire BFSI domain.

Manufacturing 4.0

These technologies are about innovation in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT etc. making it connective link to other focus areas in the kitty.

Cloud Computing

Organisations can eliminate their IT hardware requirement and high cost by using cloud infrastructures to store and access information from any location and scale business easily without the need for physical storage drives.

E-com Enablers

A blend of right technologies can disrupt this space by solving the complexities of lean logistics, customer retention and customer-targeted marketing.


Need for autonomous vehicles alongside support to supply chain management will gain traction. Not only it is effective for environment but also provides much-needed boost to the retail industry.


With the advent of AR-VR to boost sales, clubbed with IoT for smart homes & smart cities, alongside the shared homes with change the way the industry was operating till now.


Providing bundled support for critical leadership decision making, ease of doing business, deployed artificial intelligence for increased business support and much more.

Our Offering

A few of shortlisted startups get a chance to raise funds between INR 25-40 Lacs for equity of 6-8%.

Business Development

Dedicated business development support to fuel your growth. Alongside, access to our network of entrepreneurs that can be potential customers.


Get 24*7 access to our AI & IoT Labs with latest technologies for an exponential growth. Software, hardware and design related support.


Grab a seat for you and your team across DevX locations anytime.


A sizeable pool of successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders will guide you on business intricacies along your journey with US.

Business Support

Focus on the core activity of your business and leave the rest of the worries to US. We help you manage legal, accounting, Digital Marketing swiftly.


An opportunity to connect with industry leading corporates to co-create innovation and and get to execute POC

Acqui Hire

An open chance to get your startup acquihired by the corporates we connect you with. A handsome chance to grow manifolds.

The best gets to work with Oct10

DevX has always believed in building a sustainable startup ecosyem by offering value adding startup accelerator program across India. We are betting big on the future of startup ecosystem which we think lies into anything backed by either artifical


An early-stage startup founder working full-time


Serious on revenue geenration and breakthrough innovation


Least of an MVP with POC & KPI’s on improvement


B2B startup working with either AI or IoT

Program Duration

With DevX Oct10, working with startups is an on-going process. No cohort, no batch. Work with us on on-going basis and grow your business manifolds! On the way to growing your business, pitch your business to multiple investors and raise funds.

Week 1- Know Fellow

Know your peers better by connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, mentors. Networking will keep you motivated with one another’s support. Funding to selected startups from the pool.

Week 2 to 10: Rapid Scaling

Focus on growing the business, select from the pool of mentiors whoever and whenever you need support. Your growth, your deadline, we support!

Week 11: Pre-Demo Day

Focus on creating an awesome pitch deck for demo day to raise funds by pitching to our investment partners.

Week 12: Demo Day

Pitch your business and growth number to HNI’s, VC’s, PE and family officer bearers to raise funds.

Week 12+: On-going Support

Work closely with US to grow your business with on-going business development support. Keep coming back to the alma mater.

A quick look on the ladder up to success
The right step to build an everlasting business

Oct10 is a no nonsense business accelerator focused towards the idea “Your first cheque should come from your customers” No cohort, no strict mentors, your business, your deadline.