A Time Like Never Before

A Time Like Never Before

‘When life gives you lemon, make lemonade’ – this could not stand truer than ever! When you have got an unprecedented lockdown staring at you, what do you do? Instead of getting entangled by the thought of boredom, make the most of it count!

Take each day as an opportunity to develop a new skill, explore hobbies, or do things you’ve always wanted to. Never have we received an opportunity such as this, to do what we wanted to amidst our busy lives.

DevX also navigated the team into a unique direction by asking them to initiate a Lockdown Challenge! The team, with utmost interest, took upon the challenge of considering an activity, a unique one, that they never attempted before.

The team, with full vigour and spirits, came up with some very unique ideas to make the most of this quarantine phase interesting. A long list of recreational activities started coming in! Wondering what those activities are? You’ll find them below; we certainly can assure you that you’ll find not one but many useful activities to put up with the COVID-19 lockdown stress.

Since things are going haywire, courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic, each one of us is dealing with mental stress in our own way!

Though we are all in this together, we must take care of our own selves first & then help others in need! Making room for an activity that refreshes you from the news about the world outside may help big time! Here’s the list of activities that Team DevX tried their hands on to shift the focus from the COVID-19 stress:

  1. Sketching/Painting
  2. Learning a new language
  3. Shuffling through old photo albums
  4. Breathing exercises
  5. Indulging in a Hobby like playing an instrument, singing, writing, dancing, etc.
  6. Play age old games with family such as carrom, chess, snakes & ladders, 21 questions,
  7. Name-Place-Animal-Thing, Ludo, etc.
  8. Take time to reflect, see what you have accomplished, set goals for the future!
  9. A Good book is always a winner
  10. Cook, alone if you may!
  11. Finish off a long pending task such as organizing a draw, cleaning the corners in the house, etc.
  12. Reconnect with old friends
  13. Take up a challenging task such as developing a habit to drink green tea, exercise regularly, quit
  14. smoking, or waking up early.
  15. Maintain a healthy diet
  16. Complete a stimulating Puzzle or Rubik’s Cube
  17. Focus on self-care
  18. Do the once-a-year jobs such as flipping over your mattress, purge your phone of unnecessary
  19. Photos and contacts, etc.
  20. Gardening calms your mind perfectly well
  21. Spending time with family (we can all agree upon the need of this very much)

For those of you working from home, any of these activities can be of great help to take a quick break in the middle of your routine. It is important to stay healthy, physically as well as mentally. Also as rightly said, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

In a world where fake news & rumours spread at a speed faster than light, we must be careful as to what information we receive. Rather than spending time over-thinking about possibilities, occupy your time into healthy activities & useful conversations that may help you overcome stress & give you some relief.

This is a perfect time to take a pause & reflect upon our life choices & priorities. For the most of us, probably it’s a first, to spend this much time with ourselves.

A time long enough for many discoveries of our, very own, surrounding. Enjoy these Minute Discoveries & cherish the Happy Realizations as big as something your kid must be doing until today that you’ve failed to notice all along or as simple as the number of formal black shirts you own!

Now is the time when we need to stand united and help each other get through this. Mental wellbeing is of utmost importance at a time like this. Let’s pull up our sleeves and put all our efforts into this. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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