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3 Best Companies to Get an Offshore Development Centres in Chennai 2023

More and more businesses are attempting to accelerate their development and scale-up at the speed of light. They want to get apps to market faster, shorten release cycles, maintain high performance, and make the whole experience memorable. Doing this in-house requires time and diverts attention away from the main business.

This led to the growth of the popularity of offshore software development, which resulted in the demand for offshore development centres (ODC). ODC (Offshore Development Center) is no longer a foreign name to many organizations. Due to its cost-effectiveness and excellent access to a large pool of tech specialists, it is gradually becoming a popular choice for software development solutions.

Offshore research and development (R&D) centers are a growing trend in the already popular and still growing outstaffing sector. The offshore development centre is a broad business concept that can help a variety of companies. It is usually beneficial to have your office in a country with cost effective living from a business standpoint. One of these countries is India.

ODC manages the entire process, from recruitment to development, tracking to ensure that the team meets its goals, and ensuring that the team is productive.

Offshore Software Development Services Have Many Advantages 

  • Businesses save a lot on IT infrastructure, recruitment, and other things. 
  • Giving the task to the IT specialists also saves a lot of time and effort. 
  • It’s a cost-effective alternative for companies and organizations. 
  • Allows to have a larger talent pool from across countries 
  • It allows better return on investments. 
  • Larger cost saving on infrastructure  
  • Hiring professional software engineers ensures that quality is delivered on schedule. 
  • 24/7 technical support irrespective of time zones 
  • Business owners and management can concentrate solely on their core business. 

Now that you know the advantages of IT software outsourcing, let’s have a look at the top three offshore development companies in Chennai right now. 

DevX Offshore Development Centre in Chennai

Devx might engage with software organizations as a bankable offshore centre development partner because it is a top offshore outsourcing centre development company in India with a reputable technology skill-set. They have expertise in dealing with a variety of industry verticals and offering services of high quality and precision.

They are also an expert in managing office spaces across the country with 2,70,000 sq.ft. Of space itself. Thus, setup of an ODC with DevX is as easy as subscribing to a CRM. Also, DevX being startup accelerator and hackathon manager, sourcing amazing talent is quite a simple task.

Also, with allied business services offered to businesses hosted at their workspaces, DevX becomes a one-stop-shop for all ODC setup requirements. DevX has a strong reputation for its staff, who have a strong track record and a strong work ethic.


connect@devx.work | +91 74348 83388

Relictrio Offshore Development Centre in Chennai

This offshore development firm promises to provide a balance of value for money and peace of mind during the development process. The objective is to integrate as a development arm right within the company so that the leadership team can focus on growing the business and serving the clients.

The organization takes pride in its ability to handle little but significant aspects, alleviating the stress of software development. The company has grown rapidly in the last several years, serving hundreds of clients from all over the world. This firm has worked hard to provide end-to-end integrated solutions that will help businesses flourish.



Gaian Offshore Development Centre in Chennai

Gaian has been delivering offshore development processes around the world since it was founded by a group of Silicon Valley professionals. This leading Indian outsourcing organization combines business domain knowledge, proven procedures, and technological competence to deliver high-quality solutions.

They specialise in offering mid-stage and late-stage entrepreneurs offshore development services. They strive to be your manpower scaling partner by adhering to your company’s key values and strategies.

They use the BOLT engagement model, which means they establish and run an offshore development team that is leased and totally transferred to you (after your team is of a considerably size). They solely work in an offshore development model and don’t offer consulting, hiring and recruitment, or turnkey projects.



Now is the time to get started on your offshore centre!

Putting together your own offshore development team can be very easy. Especially now that we have mentioned several top ODCs for you to choose from. You will not only have the opportunity to work with higher-level innovative technology and people in the sector but also be able to save a lot of unnecessary costs but a great amount of time as well.

Allow us to decode all your enigmas if you’re ready to make progress in the game and set up your own offshore development company.

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