5 Best Serviced Offices in Mumbai with Suite Facilities

5 Best Serviced Offices in Mumbai with Suite Facilities

Have you encountered instances wherein you needed cash in hand to run your business but had only recently spent a whopping sum on workplace construction and renovation? If you do not want your business to have the same fate, then an easy way out is to opt for serviced offices.

Serviced offices come complete with heaps of benefits, the basic ones being flexible rental terms, access to a string of amenities, inlet to new markets, and of course, cost-effectiveness.

You can work out of different locations by opting for a serviced office. Moreover, since the office space has already been set up, you save a lot of time, which is utilizable for core business activities.

If you are starting your business in Mumbai and wish to keep your overheads under check, then go ahead and sign up for one of the following serviced offices in Mumbai that come complete with suite facilities.

DevX Serviced Office in Mumbai

DevX Serviced Office in Mumbai
Image Source: DevX Serviced Office

Your zero capital investment, which will lead to business growth and success, is possible by opting for DevX’s serviced office in Mumbai.  

While setting up a traditional office space is a time-consuming and cost-driven affair, DevX’s serviced offices receive a touch of customization in a flat span of 30 to 45 days. 

The expert team at DevX follows a 4-step procedure to lead you to your desired office space. First, the DevX team sets up an in-depth communication session with you to understand the level of customization you need. Next, they wear their execution shoes to bring on-paper ideas to life.  

The serviced office space is then handed over to the client. DevX’s role does not end here as they continue to offer services like housekeeping, operations, and security, to the client. 

Why is it a good idea to opt for a DevX serviced office in Mumbai? 

  • You do not have to look for A-Grade buildings that fit your requirement 
  • You are relieved from the worry of negotiating lease terms and conditions 
  • You save wholesome capital investments in the form of deposits or furniture expenses 
  • You need not hire the services of experts for office space designing 

Here’s what a DevX serviced office in Mumbai with suite facilities has on offer: 

  • Functional 24*7*365 
  • In-house Cafeteria 
  • Tech-enabled spaces 
  • Business lounges 
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms 
  • Dedicated Reception Area 

Workafella Serviced Office in Mumbai

Workafella Serviced Office in Mumbai
Image Source: Workafella Serviced Office

Every business has distinct requirements and a unique working style, which clearly means they are constantly looking for “custom-built” or “built to suit” serviced office spaces.

With this in mind, Workafella came into being to create a high-energy workplace that backs fresh thinking, boosts collaborations, and assists businesses to rise and shine. 

With a team of experienced architects and interior designers, Workafella aims you bring your company’s vision to life. Their USP is inclined towards offering a serviced office space in Mumbai that is spacious, airy, luxurious, ergonomically inclined, and productivity-driven. 

This is how Workafella lays down the roadmap for your serviced office space with suite facilities: 

  • Shortlisting the Perfect Location: 

Workafella makes your job easier by scouting for a location on your behalf. They help you in optimizing your business by bringing down capital expenditures and keeping overhead costs under check. 

Workafella builds your serviced office at a location that has proximity to transport, and healthcare and is easily accessible by your workforce and clients. 

  • Based on the foundation of an Intelligent Design: 

At Workafella, the goal remains to define your business culture most aesthetically by using intelligent designs. They cater to small, medium, and large businesses by offering them agile and flexible workplaces that back a healthy working environment. 

  • End-to-end Servicing: 

A serviced office in Mumbai that offers the best of all worlds concerning excellence, comfort, and design is what Workafella aims to deliver.  

Even after the space is handed over, Workafella assists with bringing in operational efficiency by offering IT facilities, utilities, supply, security, and pantry management. 

91Springboard Serviced Office in Mumbai

91Springboard Serviced Office in Mumbai
Image Source: 91Springboard Serviced Office

Every business is prone to the risk of suddenly scaling up or down. Likewise, you might have to adopt newer working modules and also distribute your workforce across different locations. This may seem challenging to assist with which 91Springboard came into existence. 

Spread across 24 hubs in 9 cities, 91Sprinboard’s serviced office in Mumbai will offer a string of facilities such as private access, custom seating, dedicated meeting rooms, LAN, security, and much more. 

91Springboard makes it possible for you to customize your workplace as needed. 

Here are the three options that they offer clients: 

  • Basic: 

In this module, your private office is customized with all the essentials so that you can run your business smoothly. 

  • Intermediate: 

If you are looking for a high-level office personalization, then this module is apt for you. 

  • Built to Suit (Bespoke): 

This alternative is for clients looking for a serviced office space high on frills. What is also included are fully loaded and fully customized offerings.

Awfis Serviced Office in Mumbai

Awfis Serviced Office in Mumbai
Image Source: Awfis Serviced Office

As a company, if you are interested in enhancing productivity, improving efficiency, and significantly reducing costs, then Awfis is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. 

The idea is to introduce emerging trends and new practices to revolutionize the way, serviced office spaces look. 

 Since its inception in April 2015, Awfis has come to establish itself as more than just another serviced office in Mumbai. Their goal is to project themselves as a fully tech-enabled workforce solution platform that wishes to cater to businesses of all scales and nature. 

The mission behind finding Awfis was to enable businesses to set out on a joyride while actively involving themselves in knowledge-sharing.

In an expensive city like Mumbai, where real estate prices are beyond one’s imagination, Awfis comes out as an angel in disguise. 

The foundation of Awfis to deliver serviced office in Mumbai with suite facilities is laid on the following principles. 

  • Desire to Inspire 
  • Integrity 
  • Placing the community first 
  • Deliver nothing, but awesomeness 
  • Ensure maximum growth with minimum wastage 
  • Do more with less in every aspect of offering serviced office spaces 

CoWrks Serviced Office in Mumbai

CoWrks Serviced Offices in Mumbai
Image Source: CoWrks Serviced Office

If you wish to keep your brand intact without compromising on your business privacy, then CoWrks is where you should be heading next. At CoWrks, the goal remains to present you with a serviced office in Mumbai, which is customized in line with your business requirements and handed over to you in a realistic time frame 

With CoWrks, you can save up to 10 to 25% on a fully customized workplace that too with a straightforward, one-time spend 

You can easily move into a CoWrks workplace with a move-in period of 3 months, which is nothing as compared to traditional office spaces, which take about 9 months. 

As a company interested in hiring millennials, it would help to boast of a new-age workplace. This is exactly what CoWrks has on offer. No doubt, an intelligent serviced office space plays a crucial role in strengthening your recruitment strategy. 

In absence of a serviced office, companies have to deal with multiple vendors. This eats up time, which can otherwise be utilized productively. This counts as another area where CoWorks comes to the rescue of companies. 

CoWrks follows the following procedure to help you move in, in a serviced office in Mumbai with suite facilities: 

  • First, you need to select your preferred CoWrks center. 
  • Next, you need to make available whatever customization it is that you require 
  • CoWrks will offer you a workspace strategy for your review 
  • Even before you know, you must have moved into your serviced office space 

Kick-start your office now in Mumbai:

You may have been skeptical about laying the foundation of your workplace in Mumbai. The good news here is that now your dreams will see the light of the day.

All you need to do is get in touch with one of the above-mentioned serviced office space providers and get your working space functional. What’s more in store are serviced office spaces with suite facilities.

By opting for a serviced office space, you will see your business taking off before your eyes. This becomes possible as serviced office spaces offer ready amenities, a happy working environment, and of course, a possibility to network better.

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