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5 Best Serviced Offices in Singapore for Enterprises and Startups

Serviced offices, also referred to as executive offices, have become an integral part of the growing global shift among businesses seeking more effective ways of procuring office space.

The concept of serviced offices has gained much popularity over the past several years, especially among organizations looking to reduce their operational costs. The growing demand for such flexible commercial properties can also be attributed to the fact that they help businesses avoid the various hidden costs associated with conventional office spaces.

More importantly, these spaces can be easily scaled up or down sized as per the needs of businesses renting them, without having to worry about committing to heavy capex in the form of deposits. If you are seeking more information about serviced offices and the benefits they can offer, you can check out our other articles on the topic.

Meanwhile, this article will offer details about five services offices for enterprises and startups in Singapore. It will help you find the perfect serviced office space to match your specific business requirements.

DevX Serviced Office in Singapore

DevX Serviced Office in the Singapore
Image Source: DevX Serviced Office

Established in 2017, DevX has grown into an internationally acclaimed serviced office space provider within a very short time. The company focuses on providing exceptional serviced office spaces that meet global standards and provide the right infrastructural support to enterprises and startups.

Being a prominent player in the serviced office space market in India, it is already offering around 400,000 square feet of office space in 12 centers spread across 7 cities. Now, the company is focusing on spreading its reach internationally and plans to add another 500,000 square feet of office space to its portfolio in 2022 by expanding its operations in Dubai and Singapore/Chicago.

DevX serviced offices are fully furnished and can be customized to suit the needs of a wide range of businesses seeking enough space and proper infrastructure for employee strength ranging anywhere till 500. The company is known for offering best-in-class facilities and amenities that ensure the utmost customer satisfaction and happiness and safety of the coworkers.

They help in reducing the operational load of their clients by offering zero-capital investment and single billing solutions along with hassle-free processing for effective budgeting and cost forecasting.

The office space solutions offered by DevX are designed to be compatible with the needs of the distributed workforce while also offering the advantage of helping with the preservation of company culture through community engagement. They are the best choice for businesses seeking cost-effective and well-equipped world-class office spaces that are flexible enough to match their varied needs.

JustCo Serviced Office in Singapore

JustCo Serviced Office in the Singapore
Image Source: JustCo Serviced Office

JustCo is a Singapore-based company that has been offering premium flexible office space to its clients since its establishment in 2011. Having earned a name for constantly disrupting the status quo and redefining collaborative working, the company offers customized and serviced office space solutions to meet every need of their diverse clients.

To fulfill its vision of “Making Work Better”, JustCo focuses on revolutionizing how people work and ensuring their comfort and peace of mind. With its in-house team of expert designers, space planners, and project managers, the company offers innovative serviced office spaces where entrepreneurs, startups, and large corporations can connect for easier networking and workspace solutions.

The serviced office spaces offered by JustCo are customized to ensure exceptional flexibility, opportunities, and experiences for the clients. Apart from their location in Grade A buildings, these spaces offer all modern facilities to help connect the members into one community, while at the same time, providing them the option of working independently.

From enterprise suites to bespoke solutions, JustCo has been championing the movement of shared economy, which, in turn, encourages and fosters collaborations to boost innovation and productivity. Businesses can enjoy benefits ranging from reduced operational costs to optimal infrastructure capabilities by opting for the customized serviced office spaces offered by JustCo.

In addition to the flexibility of right-sizing the offices as per evolving business needs, JustCo also helps enterprises and startups to build partnerships and network with a community that spans key cities in various countries.

KMC Serviced Office in Singapore

KMC Serviced Office in the Singapore
Image Source: KMC Serviced Office

Founded in 2010, KMC has today emerged as the largest provider of flexible and serviced workspaces in the Philippines. Now the company has extended its operations to Singapore for offering customer-centric and highly-flexible solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. They aim to create and deliver modern value-added workspaces that are attractive and filled with passion and help clients to further grow their businesses.

KMC is an expert in terms of providing the most effective office space solutions that match changing business needs. Their in-house team of dedicated designers and builders ensures that every such space delivered by the company offers all the facilities and amenities essential for the smooth functioning of a team of employees.

Moreover, the serviced office spaces offered by KMC comply with local legal and business requirements besides offering human resources and payroll management services for clients.

KMC has earned a name for delivering effective office space solutions through seamless integration of services. It is the best choice for enterprises and startups seeking a full suite of services to help them outsource to Singapore or enter and expand operations in the country. The company even offers basic amenities like sleeping quarters, clinics, training rooms, and social and function areas, making it an excellent choice as the perfect office space solution for any business.

The Working Capitol Serviced Office in Singapore

The Working Capitol Serviced Office in the Singapore
Image Source: The Working Capitol Serviced Office

The Working Capitol was established in March 2015 in Singapore, to challenge the working life while at the same time empowering people to do their best work. Its motto of “Change the way you work” reflects the belief of its founders about revitalizing spaces and building a strong culture to bind people and foster a community.

The company is today at the forefront of the serviced office spaces market in Singapore. More than a provider of unique office space solutions, The Working Capitol, is a true neighborhood builder and a lifestyle brand that utilizes a differentiated model of real estate, office space, coworking, and F&B.

The company offers more than just a desk for rent, with its office spaces featuring beautiful interior design and carefully curated programs to support its community of professionals.

Its tastefully designed amenities and work areas along with other facilities and amenities help to optimize the work and life of its members. Their office solutions are designed to ensure that the members have all the comfort of the spaces they are used to working in, besides the additional perks such as open community, stable infrastructure and right equipment.

The Working Capitol also ensures a great experience for the members by allowing them to reflect on various ways to achieve innovative solutions alongside fellow dynamic coworkers. This makes it a perfect choice for enterprises and startups looking to establish an ideal presence and setup in SE Asia.

The Great Room Serviced Office in Singapore

The Great Room Serviced Office in the Singapore
Image Source: The Great Room Serviced Office

The Great Room was founded in 2016 to change the way people work, meet, and socialize. Drawing inspiration from the areas in the world’s finest homes that are reserved for quiet discussion, moments of thought, and study as well as for activities such as meeting, socializing, and entertainment, the company is focused on creating more holistic spaces for conducting business.

The company believes that work is not only about merely getting things done. Rather it is about fulfilling the need of groups of professionals to gather, create and innovate together in a space that fulfills their broad range of requirements and the desire for flexibility.

It also believes that beyond productivity, employees also needs to focus on establishing new conversations, connections, seeking inspiration, and contemplation and repose.

The serviced office space solutions offered by The Great Room provide a healthy environment to fulfill the aforementioned needs of a dynamic workforce. These spaces are created to allow a new generation of self-starters to network with the best and the brightest within their chosen field.

The spaces are located in the prime of the city and in addition to offering a unique design point of view, they are tailored to match the specific business settings of the clients. Most importantly, they ensure an elevated environment that is perfect for both existing enterprises and budding startups helping enrich the way their teams work, think, and socialize.


With the comprehensive list of serviced office space providers in Singapore, finding the perfect place to settle your teams will surely become less cumbersome. Serviced office spaces can go a long way in helping you to focus on the more important aspects of your business and ensuring its growth and success.

For this, it is important to choose the right service provider capable of providing the right setting and amenities for nurturing and maximizing the efficiency of your team.

It is also advisable to compare the offerings of different service providers to ensure that you get the best deal and the best facilities. Having said that, it is up to you to steer your business and your teams in the right direction and make them soar!

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