What are the Different Meeting and Training Spaces Available at a Coworking Space?

What are the Different Meeting and Training Spaces Available at a Coworking Space?

This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to the different types of meeting and training spaces that are available at a coworking space. 

While we’ve covered in-depth what coworking spaces are, the different features and amenities available at a coworking space, we are yet to cover the different meeting and training spaces that are available at a coworking space. 

Keep in mind that the exact names of these different spaces will differ from service provider to service provider (not to mention the fact that some of these plans may not be available with some Coworking Players altogether).

Make sure to contact your coworking service provider to get the exact details about the options available at your desired coworking space. 

Types Of Meeting and Training Areas Available At Coworking Spaces

Meeting Rooms

Meeting room at coworking space

The typical meeting room will be available not only at all coworking spaces but also in standard office spaces. Meeting rooms are perfect for client meetings and team meetings in a formal setting. Post pandemic, most coworking spaces also offer facilities to teleconference from meeting rooms, to facilitate remote meetings, and get-togethers.

The capacity of these meeting rooms will differ from one coworking space to another, but ideally, a 4-10 member team will be able to fit in comfortably at these meeting rooms. 

Conference Rooms

For meetings and conferences for a larger size team than what meeting rooms can accommodate, conference rooms will be perfect. A conference room will usually be centred around a table, with 10-20 participants, along with microphone facilities, boards and projectors, and other requisite furniture.

Unlike the meeting rooms, conference rooms can be formal or informal. It could be shaped like a small classroom with a stage (each attendee will have their own desk space), or the classic roundtable conference that we all see everywhere. 

Board Rooms

Board room at coworking space

Unlike typical meeting rooms and conference rooms, board rooms usually are a premium option, perfect for a company’s board of directors to come together and make key managerial decisions. 

Unlike conference rooms, board rooms are typically formal, along with some additional premium offerings, that varies depending on your Coworking service provider. and will be centred around a big table, with an adequate number of chairs, and are more privacy-oriented. 

Virtual board rooms are becoming popular nowadays, following the adverse impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Interview Rooms

Interview room at coworking space

As the name suggests, interview rooms are perfect for one on one (or many on one) conversations and interviews with potential hires. However, it does not necessarily mean that interview rooms need to be utilized for the sole purpose of having one on one conversations.

Any private conversations between two people can be held in interview rooms (quite ironically, including firing people, if need be).

Interview rooms are compact and can be utilized by people both within, and outside the community. 

Training Rooms

Training room at coworking space

Training rooms are usually arranged like classrooms, making it ideal for new recruits to learn from. Some coworking spaces provide ascending seating in training rooms, making it easier for people to have a clear vision of the dais. Some come equipped with smart boards (the size of blackboards) for training presentations too. 

If you are looking to incorporate special furniture or equipment arrangements to accommodate innovative learning ideas, the coworking space providers will be happy to make them a reality. 


Celebration of events, festivals, and large gatherings are always conducted at auditoriums that can accommodate people in numbers of hundreds. Coworking spaces provide auditoriums too, but the size of the halls might vary depending upon the service providers.

With hemispheres, dome-shaped ceilings for maximum audio reverbs and ascending seatings, with projectors and white screens, they are well-equipped to fit anywhere 50 people. 

Event Rooms

Event room at coworking space

Event rooms in coworking spaces are generally flexible rooms in which all kinds of events are held. There is no fixed furniture in the rooms and is usually arranged right before the events take place. Events are generally along with the kinds of company milestones, new recruits welcome parties, and birthday parties among others. 

Some coworking spaces have open event rooms, thereby increasing the surrounding aesthetics for special events. One thing to bear in mind is that event rooms are not only to host informal events but sometimes also semi-formal or formal events.

Some people use event rooms as a means to break away from the monotonous work routine and convert these rooms into workspaces as well.

Amphitheatre Spaces

Amphitheatre room at coworking space

Amphitheatres in coworking spaces are usually indoor setups that are different from the open-to-sky amphitheatres.  They are generally wide and spacious stairs where people can sit and work. They come with cosy cushions to provide comfort to the employees.

Smaller collaborations or even fun chit-chatting happen in amphitheatre spaces. They increase the overall aesthetic of coworking spaces and are known to lift people’s moods as well.

Shooting Areas

Shooting room at coworking space

As companies grow and become successful, the number of photoshoots for press releases and magazine covers increases. The entirety of the coworking space can be your shooting area, depending on what your business needs.

Libraries? Check. Gardens and other natural backdrops? Check. Formal Conference Rooms? Of Course. Private cabins to record or stream a video? Most coworking spaces offer them all.

Hackathon Centres

Hackathons give the necessary exposure across the city for the participants. All necessary hardware requirements are taken care of by the coworking provider along with IT which is also totally managed by the provider. All the necessary A/V equipment is available where FnB is also taken care of by the coworking space.

Spaces are run 24*7*365 days, so there are no time constraints. Coworking spaces know the event management so it becomes easy for your in-house team to conduct and focus on the hackathon. Any and all additional services can also be procured from coworking, since they are meant for assisting anything and everything corporate.

Many coworking have startups which are high potential as Hackathon winners which again becomes a complimentary advantage. 

To Conclude

We now hope you have a clear idea of the various kinds of rooms and spaces offered by coworking spaces. Most coworking space providers are ready to create spaces that you specifically ask for, so make sure you communicate your needs properly to them.

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