Top 5 Office Interior Designers in Pune - Refresh Your Workspace
Top 5 Office Interior Designers in Pune

Top 6 Office Interior Designers in Pune – Refresh Your Workspace

Are you sick of working in the same drab, uninspired workplace environment? Look nowhere else! The best five office interior designers in Pune have been chosen because they excel at changing uninspiring offices into lively, useful spaces that encourage creativity and productivity.

Phi Designs Office Interior Designers in Pune

In order to deliver outstanding results to their clients, Phi Design is dedicated to adopting cutting-edge technology. To keep their clients updated on the progress of their projects, they use contemporary methods like virtual reality, remote monitoring, and an online progress tracker.

As technology is used efficiently, all projects are finished on time and under budget. The business keeps its clients informed of market trends by utilizing cutting-edge technologies including virtual reality, remote monitoring, and an online progress tracker.

As they make effective use of the instruments at their disposal, they are able to complete each project on time and on budget.       

They value research and creativity, and their work reflects this with creative solutions that take into account the client’s specific preferences as well as their budgetary limitations.     


Lalit Nagrani 


+91 999 800 1667


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Ahmedabad – 2nd Floor, The First, C-201, Nyay Marg, Behind Keshav Baugh Party Plot, Near Shivalik Highstreet, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015   

Mumbai – Metro Station, A Wing, 7th Floor, 701-713, Dynasty Business Park, Nr, Andheri – Kurla Rd, J B Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065        

Delhi NCR – 10th Floor, Tower A, Logix Cyber Park Plot C-28 and 29, Sector 62, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh 201031   

Hyderabad – 4th Floor, Purva Summit, Whitefields, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081  

Vadodara – 10th Floor, Notus IT Park Sarabhai Campus, Vadiwadi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390023   

Pune – 606, Wing A & B, ICC Complex, MCCIA Trade Tower, Senapati Bapat Rd, Laxmi Society, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411016

Jaipur – 8th Floor, Mall of Jaipur, Gandhi Path W, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021

Rajkot – 3rd Floor, A wing, Om 9 Square 150 Feet Ring Rd, Circle, Nana Mava, Rajkot, Gujarat 360003

Noida – Tower B 8th Floor, Logix Cyber Park Plot C-28 and 29, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201031


Hardeep Singh – Getting this office built was a challenge, thankfully I had a great team and partner in the form of PhiDesigns.

They have a great listening capacity, they listen to your ideas, they listen to your thoughts, very cool and calm and patient people, which I really appreciate.

Would absolutely recommend PhiDesigns for any office build work that anybody would want to do, you should work with them great people, good ideas, good implementation & they achieve things on time!

Nilesh Gandhi – With this new Pune office, we envision to provide our team a surreal work experience, be it in terms of ergonomics, non-monotonous work environment with flexibility and to also enable them to refresh & re- energise with amenities like Yoga and Meditation Areas.

With PhiDesigns we got just that, a really good customised office solution with exceptional branding and the best office environment.

RedBricks Office Interior Designers in Pune

RedBricks Office Interior Designers in Pune
Image source – RedBricks Office Interior Designers

Serene office settings that calm the senses and improve focus. They focus on clean lines, natural features, and clutter-free places that encourage clear thinking and lower stress. They specialize in modern and minimalist designs.

A green approach to office interior design is encouraged by the designers of RedBricks Interiors, who are adept at mixing vegetation and natural light into their works. They make sure that your workspace matches the principles and culture of your business, from open-plan designs to individualized workstations.

Therefore, RedBricks Interiors is the best option if you want an office that oozes tranquility and efficiency.Visit their website to learn more about their innovative ideas and how they may boost your team’s output.


Piyush May

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Pune – Jardin, Baner – Mahalunge Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411045


Sujay Khandge – Piyush May is my friend and an excellent Interior Designer. He has done the interior designing work for my home and office. I must say Piyush is a good interior designer with ability to incorporate the client’s ideas, thoughts and requirement in his designs as well as maintaining the quality and timelines while delivering the project. 

N-Arch Office Interior Designers in Pune

N-Arch Office Interior Designers in Pune
Image Source – N-Arch Office Interior Designers

N-Arch Interiors is the go-to design company in Pune for people who desire cutting-edge, futuristic office environments that stimulate creativity and forward thinking. They are famous for their skill in fusing technology, sustainability, and aesthetics to create offices that appear to be straight out of a sci-fi film.

The staff at N-Arch is skilled in incorporating intelligent technologies and eco-friendly materials into its designs, giving your office not just stunning aesthetics but also an environmentally friendly feel.

They use an unconventional method to design workspaces that inspire staff to think creatively and collectively. Visit their portfolio to learn how they have turned ordinary offices into futuristic workspaces.


Sonali Nerlekar

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Pune – Swati Apts, 1098/8A, below Goodwill Office, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra


Dilip Chavan – Great interiors with best quality time and service. Recommended to all worth to working with N-Arch.

Prabhat Kumar Tiwari – Amazing work done in a very minimum costing delivered before time with 100% satisfaction. A very modern work done, very cooperative person and best interior designer highly recommended.

Designaddict Office Interior Designers in Pune

Designaddict Designs is the best interior office designer for you if you appreciate ergonomic design and worker well-being.

Their specialty is designing workspaces that put comfort, health, and productivity first, with an emphasis on elements like appropriate lighting, ergonomic furniture, and effective space management.

Designaddict is aware of the considerable effects a well-designed workstation can have on employee retention and happiness. They create surroundings that enhance employee morale and promote a great work culture with their intelligent approach. 

Visit their past projects to learn more about how they have effectively combined design and staff well-being.


Vikas Patel

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Pune – S. No 134/4A, Baner Pashan Link rd, Pashan. Pune 411021


Smita – We had a great experience with Designaddict Interiors. Mr. Amol looked personally into minute details of work. Right from the early designing stage till the last stage of decorating finished house, he actively participated in all tasks. Thanks to DesignAddict Interiors.

JPA Office Interior Designers in Pune

JPA Interiors is the ideal choice for individuals looking to add a dash of class, refinement, and cultural flair to their office environments. They specialize in developing workspaces that tell a story and leave a lasting impression on both clients and employees by fusing classic and modern aesthetics.

When designing your office space, JPA Interiors takes the time to comprehend the core of your business and the message you want to express.

They include aspects of art, culture, and history into their projects, resulting in spaces that are each a special reflection of the people who work there.

Visit their portfolio to see examples of how they’ve transformed regular offices into spectacular environments and to get a sense of their artistic prowess.


Jyoti Panse

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Pune – 805/A-3, Reverie, Bhandarkar Rd, above Skoda Showroom, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


Yogesh Mistry – Enthusiastic group of people to create some things new….

Raghunath Inamdar – Very experienced & Professional architectural firm. Finally, these top five office interior designers in Pune have the skills and creativity to give your workplace a fresh look.

Xclusive Office Interior Designers in Pune

Xclusive Interiors is the interior design company to work with if you want to alter your office while incorporating creativity, functionality, and a dash of uniqueness. For creating original designs that exactly match each client’s vision and specifications, their creative team of designers has established a superb reputation. 

This Pune-based company uses a team-based methodology and includes you in every step of the design process. They have an excellent attention to detail, making sure that every square inch of your workplace space is optimized for comfort and efficiency.

Xclusive Interiors will create a design that says volumes about your business and improves staff morale whether you want to renovate a tiny startup office or a huge corporate facility. 

To see their breath-taking designs that have already given life to many offices in Pune, check out their online portfolio.


Nidhi Jaju and Abhijeet Jaju

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Pune – 207/208 Vision Galleria, Near Kunal Icon, Pimple Saudagar, Pune – 411027


Sumedha Wani – Nidhi and her crew did an amazing job. Created a very stylish environment. I absolutely adore my new space. I would highly recommend this company as they are all about putting the client first. I can tell they really love what they do and want what is best for their clients.

Niranjan Sekhik – Xclusive Interiors Pvt Ltd had done the Interiors work of my flat. He timely delivered quality work and used the same material as we finalized.

FAQs About Office Interior Designers in Pune

How much does hiring an office interior designer in Pune generally cost?

Depending on the size of the workplace, the level of customization needed, the scope of the project, and the reputation of the design firm, the cost of hiring an office interior designer in Pune may vary. Interior designers typically bill either a set fee or a percentage of the project’s overall cost.

Before making a choice, it is a good idea to get quotations from several designers and evaluate their offerings.

How long does it typically take to complete a project for office interior design?

A project’s size and complexity will determine how long it takes to complete. Redesigning a small office might take a few weeks, but bigger projects might take several months. The timetable may also be impacted by variables including material availability, client input, and unforeseen difficulties.

Before starting the project, it is advisable to go over the anticipated timeline with your chosen Office Interior Designers in Pune.

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