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Being the largest coworking space in Vadodara, we have 24 - 7 availability of all services required for a productive work environment. Choose from a variety of shared offices and coworking space options to catalyze growth for your venture.

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The city of Arts with Industrial Excellence

Vadodara has witnessed the advancement in Industry & Commerce since 1960's with a cluster of industries developing in and around the city giving it a much-required business boost due to establishment of MSME's to provide ancillary support to industrialization in the city.

The coworking space in Vadodara boosts of 50,000 sq.ft. situated in one of the most vibrant areas of Vadodara. What adds to the value is a lavish and extravagant lounge of DevX. Our Space has one of the largest cafeterias and games room in the coworking industry in Gujarat numbering to 3500 sq.ft. The presence of world-class amenities separates the center from other coworking spaces in Vadodara.

Productive environment for coworking in Vadodara city

Experience some of our workspaces virtually

Experience our workspaces at its finest, we have all the amenities required for the most ecstatic work experience across all our centers. Be it business lounges, meeting rooms, cafeterias, or premium concierge or even board rooms we have it all...




Options for Coworking in Vadodara

Open areas that boost the productivity for those who love to work with freedom and yet spend their leisure time getting along with the community.

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Dedicated workspaces for those professionals working on long-term projects and want a seat specifically reserved for them.

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Customized workspaces for mid-size teams with the most modern interiors imbibing vibrancy and productivity.

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A separately allocated space vibrantly customized to suit the business need of individuals & professionals.

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Leeway of conducting meetings 24*7 with a click. Make the most of the meeting room options available.

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Fully equipped conference room. Not just an amenity, it meets all the business growth needs.

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Fully equipped with modern facilities like AV system, LED Projection, Modern furniture etc. Host events, community meetups and much more.

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Comprehensive training room with all the required facilities to conduct training, remote webinars and other such activities.

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Here is what our clients have to say...

Real Estate Pundits
Real Estate Pundits

"I can focus on my work and the rest is taken care of extremely professionally. I don't have to worry about paying my electricity bill, internet bill, property taxes, housekeeping, etc. the biggest brownie point is that I get to work in such a vibrant and beautiful space. And of course, the biggest reward is the great network I have built here. DevX community has helped me grow my professional network. Knowing about new start-up ventures, businesses and connecting with other individuals whom I wouldn't have met otherwise gradually has helped me turn these introductions into a long-lasting relationship.”

Finex Accounting

"Working at DevX has been amazing, we grew from 2 to team of 6 people now just in 1 year. Moreover, we are a rapidly growing firm, but I never need to worry about accommodating new employees because of the flexibility, world-class infrastructure and facilities provided by DevX.”

Finex Accounting
Our approach towards fighting COVID-19 strongly.

Always thriving to provide the best to our Vadodara’s coworking space community, we have left no stone unturned into taking necessary precautionery measures for safety of all our co-workers.

Safe and secured coworking space in Vadodara

Not just the basics, a plethora of amenities made available at our coworking space in Vadodara!




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24*7 Security

Shared Office Space and Coworking Space in Vadodara

DevX Vadodara is situated at Notus Pride IT Park by Monarchy Developers is a part of the corporate IT park. One can witness the prime location DevX offers which makes it the best address for your venture in Vadodara. The building is close to the upcoming IT park in Vadodara making it an apt choice for enterprises and startups.

Vadodara Central and Vadodara Railway Station in proximity which tells a lot about the connectivity and how posh the location is in terms of future growth prospect with upcoming projects. The strategic location it holds talks a lot about how swiftly one can commute across the city. Essentials like a hospital, bus stations, banks etc. are present at a walking distance making it a lucrative choice of businesses looking for Dedicated, shared office spaces and coworking space in Vadodara.

Address: 10th Floor, Notus IT Park, Sarabhai Campus, Vadiwadi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390017
Events for Everyone

To keep the community pumped up, DevX organizes events regularly. This community-driven approach is what separates us from other coworking players in India. We understand how important it is to build the community for everyone’s growth and learning.

Stay upbeat with the most updated happenings in the DevX community. Be part of the most vibrant community of individuals!

New Year Celebration 2021

Event Location Teal Clock House The FirstCommunity Engagement - Free Event

140 People Attendees

December 31, 202106:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Happening atDevX

Festoon the Tree

Event Location Teal Clock House The FirstCommunity Engagement - Free Event

40 People Attendees

December 24, 202105:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Happening atDevX

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coworking Spaces in Vadodara

What is a coworking space in Vadodara?

The third-largest city of Gujrat, Vadodara has been home to business and commerce for centuries now. Just like the business culture of the state, Vadodara is a city that gives ample space for new ventures to grow. But, to actually provide ease of business and space to grow, young companies need to look for effective solutions. A coworking space in Vadodara is a solution that provides businesses and start-ups with cost-effective office solutions and ample networking opportunities by housing multiple start-ups, SMEs, solopreneurs, and freelancers under one piece of real estate. Such an office space lets businesses and freelancer service providers rent desks in a setup that is built to house several like them, provide amenities like internet, conference rooms, etc along with creating a sense of community.

How are Coworking spaces in Vadodara different from traditional office spaces?

Vadodara has been known as the city of culture and the city of art through different phases of history. Coworking spaces as a concept are exactly about these two things, culture & art. Unlike traditional office spaces, a coworking space gives its members a more casual vibe that allows them to be innovative in their approach to work. With premium office designs and aesthetic interiors, DevX coworking spaces in Vadodara are a perfect mix of culture and art. These are not just office spaces but an experience that lets its members thrive through collaboration and innovation. Whereas traditional offices are still providing that run of mill aspects that do not let the young business function as efficiently as they should. Here you get ready-made office furniture, recreational areas, state of the art meeting rooms, and conference rooms at no extra costs. Unlike traditional office spaces, where you have to pay a significant cost for such facilities with abysmally small resale value in case of relocation. In a coworking space like DevX, members pay their fees according to the contract to avail premium facilities which would otherwise cost them a fortune.

What are shared office spaces in Vadodara?

No matter what place on earth you go, commercial real estate will always have a cost that will add a financial burden to new ventures and start-ups. They can even pose a capital risk exposure for SMEs and Corporates. Shared office spaces are a solution that allows all sorts of businesses to reduce their capital exposure and free them from the hassle of managing a full-fledged office. Similarly, in Vadodara, such costs of renting and managing a stand-alone office can work adversely for many upcoming and medium-sized business ventures. The sweat required to operate an office is something that comes after the monetary commitments and fortunately, this hassle is taken care of by shared office spaces in Vadodara, just like anywhere else.

What type of businesses operate from Coworking spaces in Vadodara?

The things around the business world aren’t the same as they used to be. Now you can start any type of business that leverages the internet and operate it from anywhere in the world with a good connection. But, in terms of productivity, networking, etc a coworking space will always be miles ahead of any other workplace, i.e home or traditional office. Businesses like IT, PR, advertising, design firms, marketing, and sales, etc operate from coworking spaces in Vadodara. DevX’s premium office space solutions provide well-equipped offices for large corporate teams as well, where the number of employees exceeds 50. It shows that coworking and shared office spaces are not limited in its scope of service.