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May 04, 2021 22 min read

Singapore is known for its well-kept highways, strict rules, and stunning tourist attractions, but it also has a thriving coworking

April 29, 2021 13 min read

The years 2020 and 21 have been characterized by remote working due to the pandemic, and the associated reduction in

April 17, 2021 20 min read

Being an entrepreneur is no longer a simple task. To measure up, you must be a multitasker, someone who can

April 03, 2021 23 min read

Great power comes with great responsibility, and putting brilliant minds to work is no simple task. The Indian workforce is

April 01, 2021 19 min read

Picture vibrant taskbars with office plants, kombucha on tap, and a varied network of professionals working in lounges, hot desks,

March 26, 2021 18 min read

Working from home gives you more independence and versatility, but it can also be a little cramped at times. Coworking

March 19, 2021 38 min read

Once known to be a niche concept catering to only freelancers and young startup founders, coworking, as an industry, has

March 10, 2021 21 min read

Mumbai, being the hub of all financial activities attracts businessmen or entrepreneurs from across the nation and it comes as

February 17, 2021 16 min read

Gujarat is a state known for its penchant for trade and commerce. It holds a unique place in the Indian

January 08, 2021 19 min read

Known as the city of Nizams, Hyderabad has quickly evolved into the most vibrant city in India and an ideal

December 30, 2020 23 min read

These days, more and more people prefer to work remotely instead of showing up to work in a traditional office

December 16, 2020 23 min read

The importance of a dedicated workspace is undisputable and with the growing number of individuals

October 02, 2020 3 min read

So, what is all the buzz surrounding Corporate Innovation? Why do corporates invest large amounts of money behind a dedicated

August 11, 2020 3 min read

We at DevX understand the importance of team and community engagement activities. Both go hand-in-hand & so it is essential for

June 13, 2020 6 min read

In the sight of the current pandemic, there is no doubt that the world has changed in ways we would