7 Best Serviced Office Providers in the World for Enterprises and Large Businesses
7 Best Serviced Office Providers in the World for Enterprises and Large Businesses

7 Best Serviced Office Providers in the World for Enterprises and Large Businesses

Serviced offices are gaining much popularity across the globe as the best alternative to traditional workplaces. They offer great opportunities for growth to businesses by providing a combined package of both services and space to match their needs.

These ready-to-move-in office spaces come fitted and furnished with the necessary furniture and equipment to ensure greater agility for the tenants. Such temporary office space is often made available in varying sizes as per the needs of individual business organizations.

They are mostly preferred by businesses seeking support services as well as those looking to reduce infrastructure costs and mitigate the risks of leasing office space.

If you need to learn more about serviced offices and how they can prove beneficial for businesses then you can check this article.

This article focuses on providing more information about the 7 leading serviced office providers from across the globe that caters to the needs of enterprises and large businesses.

DevX Serviced Office Provider in the World

DevX Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: DevX Serviced Office Provider

DevX is the leading provider of serviced office spaces in compliance with global standards. The company was established in 2017 in India, where it is already offering 400,000 square feet of office space across 7 cities.

It now plans to expand into the international market by acquiring 500,000 square feet of office space, with 40,000 of this space located in Dubai and Singapore/Chicago.

DevX is one of the few serviced office providers that offers customization services to its clients. This means that the company allows the tenants to make changes to the office space to make it suitable for their unique business needs but is mostly fully furnished.

This also means that the tenants need not worry about having to make do with the kind of space they get, but can get it modified to match their requirements.

Besides offering world-class facilities and amenities, the company focuses on ensuring the complete safety and satisfaction of its clients.

The spaces are designed to maximize community engagement and can help in preserving the company culture of the tenants while also ensuring utmost compatibility for distributed workforces. This has helped DevX become the preferred choice for businesses seeking the most efficient and reliable serviced office spaces.

WeWork Serviced Office Provider in the World

WeWork Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: WeWork Serviced Office Provider

WeWork is the leading provider of services office spaces with 55 million square feet of prime real estate spread across 151 cities. Since its establishment in 2010 in New York, the company has been helping businesses optimize their real estate portfolio with great flexibility.

The company helps you create a workplace that meets all your business needs and enables you to take your pick from world-class buildings, branding, IT, and security features.

The company is committed to creating safe work environments for professionals to come together and give their best. This has inspired them to constantly deliver flexible workplace solutions, that are safety-focused spaces, and promise to provide unmatched community experiences.

Moreover, you get to upsize or right-size the office space as needed and even enjoy the flexibility of transferring your lease to different locations.

WeWork is the best choice to get the perfect temporary office space you need, where and when you need it. You can take advantage of the best facilities and amenities without facing the stress of upfront capital deposits or completing the formalities of long-term leasing.

Industrious Serviced Office Provider in the World

Industrious Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: Industrious Serviced Office Provider

Industrious is one of the world’s leading serviced office providers known for offering thoroughly professional and thoughtfully designed workplaces to support companies of all sizes.

Since it was set up in 2012, the company has been committed to providing workplaces that provide the combined benefits of great flexibility and ease of coworking with stress on professionalism and attentiveness.

From a humble beginning of 20,000 square feet of property in Chicago, the company has today grown to offer serviced office spaces in more than 100 locations across 50-plus cities in the USA.

Industrious believes in providing clients with the right spaces that make it easier for their employees to focus and collaborate while also making them feel proud about coming to work.

The company also allows its tenants to modify the workplace to make it more compatible with ever-evolving business needs without worrying about the countless critical details that can prove quite distracting.

The company has helped some of the world’s most powerful brands develop a robust portfolio strategy paving the way for their phenomenal growth.

Industrious is the right choice for enterprises and businesses seeking cost-effective workplace solutions that make it easier for the employees to maximize their efficiency by allowing them to work when, where, and how they want to.

The Working Capitol Serviced Office Provider in the World

The Working Capitol Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: The Working Capitol Serviced Office Provider

Established in 2015, The Working Capitol is a Singapore-based company committed to offering unique office space solutions. True to its motto of “Change the way you work”, the company looks beyond providing just a desk for rent.

It focuses on creating simulating workspaces that help promote the company culture of their tenants besides fostering a sense of community among them thus motivating them to contribute their best for maximizing business growth.

The temporary office spaces offered by The Working Capitol, are renowned not only for their beautiful interior design. Rather, these carefully curated spaces offer all the facilities and amenities to support a safe and productive work environment.

They come appropriately furnished and well-equipped to ensure the utmost comfort and operational efficiency of the professionals using these spaces.

By opting for the serviced office spaces provided by The Working Capitol, businesses can ensure a great workplace experience for their employees.

The spaces are designed to bring the best out of professionals and make them think about the different ways to come up with innovative solutions for overcoming the challenges they face.

Bond Collective Serviced Office Provider in the World

Bond Collective Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: Bond Collective Serviced Office Provider

As a leading provider of serviced office spaces, Bond Collective believes that no request is too large or too small. In keeping with this principle, the company offers customized white label office spaces for teams of varying sizes and structures.

Their flexibility and creativity in terms of offering the most appropriate office solutions matching the unique enterprise requirements of individual clients are unprecedented in the industry.

Every office space offered by Bond Collective is designed to help the business renting them to thrive. These spaces offer the perfect settings to build passionate communities with a hospitable approach to make the professionals using them feel creative, comfortable, and empowered.

The diverse locations of these office spaces are reflective of the larger surrounding community and provide a quiet sense of luxury.

The Bond Collective has become one of the most trusted serviced office providers thanks to the world-class facilities and amenities it offers to businesses of all sizes and types.

These include custom floor plans, growth schedules, swing spaces, and advanced IT & privacy provisions to enhance the operational efficiency of the tenants and maximize their success.

Labs Serviced Office Provider in the World

Labs Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: Labs Serviced Office Provider

Labs is a company known for offering an extensive range of products and services, including serviced office spaces, that help businesses to reach their full potential.

The serviced spaces are provided as a part of the Enterprise initiative, which is the perfect turnkey solution for businesses seeking sole-occupancy along with the benefits of membership to the Labs Collective.

The initiative is designed to deliver all-inclusive services to make it easier for the tenants to focus on running their business without having to worry about running their office.

The Enterprise initiative for offering temporary office spaces enables businesses to get their exclusive workspaces powered by Labs.

It is backed by a dedicated team responsible for creating exclusive LABS locations, with each space offering the benefit of being completely unique and geared towards productivity.

The spaces come with an assurance of great interior design, comfortable furnishing, and attention to every smallest detail that inspires efficiency. Labs teams invest much time and effort in understanding the specific needs of individual tenants to bring their vision to life.

They help in designing, building, and operating a bespoke suite, whole floor, or an entire building and creating workspaces designed to pave the way for business success.

Tech Space Serviced Office Provider in the World

Tech Space Serviced Office Provider in the World
Image Source: Tech Space Serviced Office Provider

Tech Space was founded in 2012 and it has become one of the leading flexible serviced office providers in the heart of Europe’s most vibrant technology ecosystems.

The company follows a curated approach to building a community by redeveloping spaces in areas that are culturally and commercially appealing to its members. This helps businesses to expand sustainably into developing ecosystems without negatively impacting the local community.

The company is based in London and Berlin and offers flexible workspace solutions across 6 locations in the heart of Europe’s most vibrant technology ecosystems.

It is known for creating the perfect workplace environment that support openness and honesty while also enabling the participants to support each other and find their balance.

The company provides its members with the benefits of best-in-class networking and IT infrastructure, carefully considered tech partners, and an events program designed specifically for forward-thinking teams to work at their best.

Tech Space is the best choice for businesses seeking pioneering tech solutions and leaving their team free to work towards building the future.

With its network that spans the world’s leading tech hubs, the serviced offices provided by them can help businesses in shaping the world through positive interaction with local communities.


The trend of traditional office spaces is a thing of the past and has now been replaced with serviced offices that provide great flexibility besides having the ability to accommodate all types of businesses.

The above-discussed comprehensive list of serviced office providers can help you find the perfect place to ensure the consistent growth of your business.

With all the infrastructural needs taken care of, opting for such workplaces can help you stay focused on the more critical aspects of ensuring business success rather than having to worry about the efficient functioning of your office.

So, go ahead and make the shift to a more convenient and hassle-free workplace for your team as per your specific business needs. Be sure to compare the various features and amenities offered by the various service providers to make the right choice.

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