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Top 25 Amenities to Look Forward to in a Coworking Space

If you’re looking to sign with a coworking service provider, you need to take a good look at the list of services and amenities that they offer. While there is no single comprehensive list of all the amenities that are on offer by all coworking spaces across the world, this article provides you with the most commonly available amenities that your coworking space might offer.

If you think your coworking space misses out on any of the following amenities, talk to your service provider, they’ll be happy to help.

The list below is not ranked in any particular order. At the end of this article, we’ll provide you with a downloadable checklist. Based on your priorities, create a subgroup of all the amenities that you require, and compare them with the amenities that your coworking space offers before signing a coworking subscription.


Self-explanatory. Parking troubles can often pile up on your employees, and reduce productivity significantly during work. The early hours are often the most productive hours, and parking stress can seriously hinder the “vibes” so to speak.

Coffee, beverages and snacks

The need for good and timely refreshments, easily accessible to your employees cannot go understated. You need not provide the perfectly fine-dining experience, but a hot cup of coffee after a long work session may just be the recharge that your employees need to get back to excelling at what they’re really good at.

Printing and Scanning

While the world has advanced to go paperless and digital, the necessity for printing and scanning equipment will always stay the same. Even if you don’t think you’ll need printing and scanning equipment, you’ll need it. Make sure your coworking space offers the best printing and scanning hardware and offers adequate “credits” based on your needs.

Conference Rooms

Whether it is a webinar, a networking event, or a simple client meeting, a quiet room with the perfect acoustics, ventilation and colors, with the required hardware (like projectors, microphones, speakers, etc.) is absolutely essential.

Meeting Room

If you’re someone who has frequent calls and discussions with clients and colleagues then having the perfect agronomical meeting room is the best solution for you. A well-equipped meeting room that meets all your requirements to conduct seamless discussions.

Lightning-Fast Internet

We’re not in the dark ages anymore. Regardless of the type of business enterprise you’re a part of, a high-speed internet connection is crucial for your success. Coworking spaces, in particular, need to offer extremely high-speed WIFI to ensure connectivity for all coworkers in its occupancy, across multiple organizations.

Secured Network Infrastructure

With cybercrimes on the rise, secured IT network availability is the most critical amenity to look for. Ensure that the network provided to you is secured and/or private, in case you have any sensitive data operated at your organization.

Phone Booths/Call Areas

Whether it’s a private phone call that you can’t attend next to your colleagues, or sensitive work information that you can’t risk leaking to fellow coworkers from other organizations, a private phone booth will make a significant difference.

A Functional Kitchen/Eating Area/Cafeteria

probably the most obvious, self-explanatory feature on our list. Good food can definitely excite your employees in the workplace, often serving as a motivation to perform well. It’s always great to have functional cafeteria stacked with quick snacks and drinks that can help drench the hunger and thirst of employees working there.

Mail Service

Though a major portion of the world has transformed into sending mail through the internet, businesses are often required to mail physical objects to different parts of the country.

Whether it be cheques or invoices, or actual products that you need to deliver across the world, a seamless mail service provider integrated with your coworking space would be a lifesaver.  

Wellness rooms

A little rest to refresh your employee’s metaphorical battery can prove vital. A well-thought-out wellness room is often the difference between an employee performing at 65% and 110% when your business needs it.

Daycare rooms

One of the most important aspects to say so, these daycare rooms act as a great support system to parents who can work and care for their child simultaneously. If you’re a new parent or you have toddlers, this amenity will prove to be a great add-on.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

The need for state-of-the-art video conferencing hardware has been made more prominent with the ongoing pandemic. Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc., will still continue to remain an integral part of our business lives. They help fill the physical gap while working from satellite office or different parts of the world.

Fresh-air and standards

Depending on the climate and the temperature, a well-functioning Air conditioning/heater solution is absolutely vital. Especially in the hot air of Indian summers, a good air conditioning system can go a long way.

DGU or UPS Back-Up (Generator)

We all hate losing hours of progress on our work that went unsaved because of a random power cut. Not only does a good power backup solution prevent that, but it would also allow your employees to remain productive despite the unavailability of electricity. 


Office spaces often contain expensive and invaluable assets that need to be secured properly. A good Closed Circuit Television system acts as the perfect security system that your business would need.

RFID (Secured ID-based access to various areas) Access Cards

RFID access are a great way to keep access secured in a coworking space with so many people working simultaneously. It helps maintain security and keep a tab of the accessibility.

Front Desk

Community Managers and front desk staff to guide visitors and attend phone calls are the unsung heroes of a well-functioning business organization. Having a dedicated front desk helps streamline visitors and clients and make coordination even easier. It will also help keep a tab on all the visitors for future reference.


Keeping the workplace tidy, and ensuring timely maintenance of all amenities provided by the coworking space has to be one of the top amenities. Since a coworking boasts a number of clients, ensuring the place is well—equipped and maintained helps keeping the reputation of the place intact and makes the experience of clients a much better one.

Community Events

Community events are wonderful for networking opportunities that you or your employees might want to utilize to the fullest potential.


Coworking spaces tend to offer workshops in many different fields, including soft skills, educational, or even workshops on personal hobbies.


Hitting the gym to counter the ill effects of sitting in front of a computer desk can do wonders for your health. That why many coworking spaces offer gym memberships. You can work and stay fit at the same time.

Game Zone

If you’re feeling stressed, take some time off and enjoy the game zone provided by the coworking player. From video games and board games to indoor sports, your coworking space’s recreational zone is sure to have something that makes your brow tick.


Goes in tandem with some of the other amenities available at coworking spaces. A long sweaty workout session in the gym, having showers can come in handy. You wouldn’t want to get back to work with the after effects of a tiring gym session. If having a gym is an important amenity for you make sure you inquire about showers in your preferred space.

24/7 Security

Most coworking spaces allow their occupants to operate round the clock. To support the 24/7 operation of coworking spaces, 24/7 security to ensure that the coworkers are safe and sound is absolutely necessary.

As we’ve mentioned, these are just an inclusive list of some of the most commonly available amenities at coworking spaces across the world. Your coworking space might offer only a select few of these amenities and offer some more that aren’t mentioned on the list. Talk to your Coworking service provider, and make sure that everything your organization needs is on offer by them before signing a subscription. As promised, here’s the checklist that will help you make the ever-so-important decision.

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