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Ergonomically designed workspaces with multiple options to choose from, be it Coworking, Office Spaces, or even Conferences, Events, and Meeting Rooms!

Coworking Space and Shared Office Space
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DevX CollabWorkspaces that inspire

Our premium coworking and shared office spaces in India offer 24-7-365 days serviced workspaces, including fully
furnished and customized office spaces to suit your needs. Choose your suitable workspace options across India.
With DevX at your service, you 100% focus on your venture, and our experts manage everything else for you!

Flexi Desk

Open areas that boost the productivity for those who love to work with freedom and yet spend their leisure time getting along with the community.

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Dedicated Desk

Dedicated workspaces for those professionals working on long-term projects and want a seat specifically reserved for them.

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Private Cabin

Customized workspaces for mid-size teams with the most modern interiors imbibing vibrancy and productivity.

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Manager Cabin

A separately allocated space vibrantly customized to suit the business need of individuals & professionals.

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Meeting Room

Leeway of conducting meetings 24*7 with a click. Make the most of the meeting room options available.

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Conference Rooms

Fully equipped conference room. Not just an amenity, it meets all the business growth needs.

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Event Room

Fully equipped with modern facilities like AV system, LED Projection, Modern furniture etc. Host events, community meetups and much more.

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Training Room

Comprehensive training room with all the required facilities to conduct training, remote webinars and other such activities.

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Not just the basics, a plethora of amenities
made available
for every one of you!




High Speed
Wi-Fi Internet


Meeting Rooms


Free Tea and coffee




Lounge and


Networking Events


Free Printing &






Daycare & Fitness


24*7 Security

Tech-enabled office spaces for swift operations 24*7

DevX Collab stations, our autogenous product built by our team of tech geeks to assist the co-workers 24*7*365 to manage our coworking and shared office spaces across India.

Order food online, manage visitors, book boardrooms & meeting rooms, participate in events and much more. We believe in providing hassle-free tech-enabled business operations.

Tech enabled and App driven DevX Coworking Spaces and Shared Office Space

Collaborate, Co-create and Grow
with the vibrant community

Community loves what we do for them. The efforts are in the direction of co-creating a community of like-minded individuals. Our Coworking office space in India shares a common thread of growth amongst themselves.

Events & activities not just limited internally but stretched arms inviting and conducting collaborative events & meetups for overall growth.

Event at DevX Coworking Spaces

Extensive network to fuel
business growth

The partners rightly serve what our clients need to achieve the results they wished for. A spreaded network of partners to help you select from the best available in the market.

Our partner network is carefully curated and well-aligned with the vision of building collaborative communites to empower support business function which makes us one of the best Coworking space in India

Partner Network
Tell us your space requirement and get expert recommendations right away.
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Nishant Trivedi

Vice President at TalentRupt


Shifting our office to a Coworking Space was the best decision ever.

Download Casestudy to know how Talentrupt benefited by choosing DevX for their Office Workspace.

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What is a Coworking Space and how does it work?

A coworking space is much more than just a bunch of people working together. It is an arrangement where people from different backgrounds come together and work on their respective projects and tasks. In its essence; these shared office spaces offer sustainability, accessibility, access to a fledgling community & culture alongside being super-affordable. First coined in the year 2005 by Brad Neuberg who set up the first coworking space in San Francisco, the coworking spaces have disrupted the real estate market with a unique model. These spaces are not just places to work but also offer a plethora of opportunities. While companies and individuals can rent out space to work, most coworking startups also offer services such as networking events, exclusive access to partners, corporate partnerships and innovation consulting for mid-sized to large-scale enterprises. DevX is committed to redefine coworking spaces in India through a suite of coworking & business innovation services helping build sustainable businesses through exclusive partnerships and collaboration in 5 major locations across India.

Who uses Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent times, with several freelance professionals and startup ventures opting for these working spaces However, over the recent years, a lot of other businesses are opting for cutting costs and creating more collaborative teams through these shared office spaces. While freelancers prefer working out of these coworking spaces due to its pay-per-model and networking opportunities, small businesses look towards them in order to cut costs and save more in initial days of business Furthermore, not just SMBs, but even big corporates such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Nike & Google are increasingly turning to coworking spaces for their workspace needs. With increasing real estate costs & ever-expanding teams, choosing a shared space can be a wise decision for such corporations.

What is a Fully Serviced Coworking and Office Workspace?

A fully serviced coworking space is ideally suited for bigger companies, providing certain exclusive membership benefits and amenities not usually found in normal coworking spaces. These amenities can range from exclusive meeting rooms, commercial kitchens, food & private cabins with dedicated desks for midsize to large corporate teams. In comparison a conventional coworking office space isn’t focused on a particular type of company or industry and offers a collaborative community of individuals and teams. While they definitely are more economical than a fully-serviced coworking space, they might not be the best fit for professional teams in terms of privacy. At DevX, we offer fully-serviced, tech-enabled coworking spaces plush with amenities & easy plug-and-play that will help you grow your business to the next level through collaboration, networking and allied services.

What is the difference between Coworking and Coliving Spaces?

While most people usually confuse the two terms, it is important to understand the difference between a coliving and a coworking space. Coworking, as the name suggests is about work where like-minded individuals can connect and communicate with each other with the goal of professional growth, skill-learning and cooperation It is ideal for solopreneurs, startup founders & creative consultants who can’t spend extravagant budgets on setting up an office space all by themselves. Coliving on the other hand, is about sharing your daily life with people from different walks of life. It is not just about work, but is rather about a lifestyle where people don’t just work together, but also share living resources with each other.

How is Coworking different from a Traditional Office?

Coworking are publicly-accessible working spaces where individual consultants, entrepreneurs and other like-minded people work together on projects and tasks and are availed mostly by the aforementioned people owing to their cost-effectiveness, opportunities for collaboration, networking and connection building. There might or might not be dedicated desks or private spaces for them within the building along with optional amenities and benefits, on a pay as you use basis. A traditional office is a private space for corporate teams for single-minded focus, productivity, individual work and privacy. Such environments are usually availed on long-term commitment & the person will have to pay the rent alongside other dues for upkeep of their office no matter what the circumstance. At DevX centres we understand this specific requirement of clients and have built custom office spaces which are a secluded abode for you, with an opportunity to rekindle with others at DevX's premium addresses.