Top 5 Serviced Offices in New York for a Modern Workspace Experience
Top 5 Serviced Offices in New York for a Modern Workspace Experience

Top 5 Serviced Offices in New York for a Modern Workspace Experience

The most challenging and time-consuming activity for any organization is to set up an ideal office space. Right from shortlisting the appropriate location to listing out necessary amenities, there goes a lot behind making this decision.

However, with the concept of “serviced offices” making an entry, it has become possible for organizations to turn their attention to core and profit-driven activities.

Serviced offices make an excellent business opportunity because they offer ready-to-use equipment, well-kept meeting rooms, fully stocked kitchens, and breakout areas, among others.

As per IBISWorld, the Serviced Office Market in the US is expected to grow at a rate of 5.1% in 2022, to stand at $2.5bn.

If you are based out of New York and are looking for a serviced office to provide your employees with a modern workplace experience, then here is a glance through our top 5 picks.

DevX Serviced Office in New York

DevX Serviced Office in New York
Image Source: DevX Serviced Office

Relieve your administration and operations teams from all the troubles by putting your faith in DevX to have your office space in New York figured out. The best part about DEVX’s approach is that they work out customized solutions that are synced with your company’s culture and values. 

The USP of DevX is that you will get to step into a fully furnished and customized office space that too with a zero capital investment. These office spaces come complete with hospitality, housekeeping, and security services. 

Here is what DevX’s Serviced Office Space in New York looks like 

  • A-Grade Buildings 
  • Spot-on delivery and design 
  • Flexibility to upsize 
  • Tech-driven boardrooms 
  • Reduced Employee Attrition 
  • Privacy and Data Security 

In four simple steps, DevX will have your serviced office New York ready: 

  • Personalized Solutions: 

The expert and professional team at DevX will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. Based on your needs, multiple aesthetically rich options will be made available. You can ultimately zero down on your selection. Otherwise these are completely furnished for you to start using immediately.  

  • From Paper to Execution: 

The idea at this stage is to move from paper to the outside world. DevX stands for maintaining the highest quality standards with every space they build. 

  • Handing Over: 

Team DevX is particular about commitments and timelines, which means they never falter to hand over your serviced office New York as promised. It is happily moving in stage. 

  • Managing Upkeep: 

The partnership does not end with handing over of the serviced office space. DevX will continue to assist you with housekeeping, security, and operations. 

Industrious Serviced Office in New York

Industrious Serviced Office in New York
Image Source: Industrious Serviced Office

Your employee’s productivity has a lot to do with the space they work in. With this in mind, Industrious is working towards delivering a serviced office in New York that can deliver a pleasant work experience. 

Companies interested in placing their employee’s needs in the forefront only to empower them to choose where and how they wish to work should necessarily collaborate with Industrious. 

With Industrious, you can get spaces suitable for individuals, small teams, and large teams.  

Spaces for Individuals: As a part of this plan, individuals have exposure to a work desk once a week and common areas throughout the week. 

Spaces for Small Teams: Industrious offers small teams the opportunity to move into a fully-furnished private office with access to conference rooms. 

Spaces for Large Teams: This is a ready opportunity to have your standalone office or headquarters; branded and customized in line with your business. 

With coverage of around 100 locations spread across 50 cities in the US, your team can work from just about anywhere. 

Once you sign-up for a serviced office space in New York presented by Industrious, you can have your hands on amenities like a fully-stocked café, wellness room, lounge, and an array of complimentary services at affordable serviced office costs. 

Industrious offers viable and flexible solutions concerning serviced office New York to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. 

WeWork Serviced Office in New York

WeWork Serviced Office in New York
Image Source: WeWork Serviced Office

WeWork takes pride in introducing itself as a serviced office space provider, with 50% of Fortune 100 companies as its members. With its inception in 2010, the idea has been to build spaces that inspire companies to come together and create the best workdays moving forward. 

If you are looking for a serviced office New York, then WeWork will provide you with a realistic solution. All this without upfront capital or a lengthy lease. 

The USP of WeWork lies in offering flexible terms at competitive serviced office costs. As a part of your contract, you can upsize, right size, or transfer your lease to a location of your choice, with no questions asked. 

With serviced offices in New York, WeWork brings the following offerings to the table: 

  • Grade A Buildings 
  • Branding 
  • Security 
  • Information Technology 

The basic motto of WeWork is to function on the principle of “Designed by you, Powered by WeWork”. With most companies switching to the hybrid model, the idea is to help you find a fully furnished office space at the right place and at the right time. The idea is to go easy on your pockets, while still helping you to build a full-fledged and happy workplace. 

Advantages of Collaborating with WeWork: 

  • Focus on Architecture that boosts work productivity and creativity. 
  • Workspaces that are in accord with different working styles 
  • Access to WeWork locations all around the world 
  • Your cuppa freshly brewed coffee is on them 

The Yard Serviced Office in New York

The Yard Serviced Office in New York
Image Source: The Yard Serviced Office

If the question is co-working, the answer is The Yard. The Yard came into being in 2011, keeping in mind companies who wanted to refrain from committing to expensive and long-term leases. Spread across 14 locations, The Yard has catered to around 2000 companies 

If you have a team of twenty-four plus employees, The Yard’s in-house team will work in close cooperation with you to help you derive a customized office space. 

Once you collaborate with The Yard to get a serviced office New York, you do not have to worry about the serviced office costs, as their team will negotiate special rates and local discounts for you. 

Most importantly, while shortlisting any serviced office space, the priority of every company is to offer comfort and ease of working to its employees. With ergonomic furniture in place, The Yard makes it possible for your team to get a considerable amount of work done without feeling worked up or uncomfortable. 

The Yard offers a string of facilities, which include: 

  • 24/7 Access 
  • Modern Kitchens 
  • Meeting Rooms 
  • Security 
  • Wellness Program 

It seems like a great idea to join hands with The Yard as their undivided focus lies on fund expansion, community building, and adding new talent to the team. 

Bond Collective Serviced Office in New York

Bond Collective Serviced Office in New York
Image Source: Bond Collective Serviced Office

It does not matter if you are a team of 15 or 500. Bond Collective will come to your rescue, every time you wish to sign up for a serviced office New York. 

Bond Collective stands out for offering customized, white label solutions to companies, irrespective of their team size and structure. The best part is that you might even end up saving a massive sum on your collaboration because they often run discounts like “50% off for the first 3 months” 

Let us take a quick look at what Bond Collective has on offer: 

  • Custom Solutions with Constant Improvements 
  • Conference Rooms 
  • Cutting-edge tech solutions and support 
  • Security Management 
  • On-site cleaning 

The ultimate goal at Bond Collective remains to offer you a boutique space that provides an unmatched experience. The idea is to emphasize relationship building while adding a personal touch to the work. In these spaces, every company will feel accepted, respected, and welcomed. 

The 3 Pillars of Bond Collective: 

  • The team at Bond Collective is highly passionate about offering holistic services to their clients. This is projected by offering you support right from the time you enter until the time your business outgrows your expectations. 
  • Intending to help you network and foster lasting bonds, Bond Collective creates an authentic and supportive working space for you. 
  • No two businesses are the same, which is why Bond Collective tries to infuse uniqueness into your working space by highlighting the persona of your business. 

Serviced Office Spaces are the Future:

If you have plans to kick-start your business operations in New York, but do not know what would be a good starting point, then you must begin by collaborating with a serviced office space provider. 

Aspects like short-term leases, flexibility, access to new markets, and constant support add to the lucrativeness of this option. We have put our best foot forward in introducing a comprehensive list to you, which shall make a great starting point. 

Put real estate hassles aside and let the sky be the limit for your business by striking a deal with one of the aforementioned serviced office New York providers. 

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