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What are the Seating Options in a Coworking Space?

If you’re new to the world of coworking, you might find the names used to describe the different seating options a bit confusing. With terms like “Flexi desks”, “Amphi Seats” and “Hot Desks”, it is quite understandable why, as an outsider looking in, it might be quite confusing for you. Fret not, for in this article, we’ll go through all of the most commonly offered seating spaces in coworking space.

As we’ve mentioned in the previous articles of this coworking space 101 series, keep in mind that these offerings are not comprehensive. Some coworking spaces might offer different, innovative seating options, some others might offer similar seating options in different names.

What this list does, however, is make you aware of the different basic seating options that are available commonly across different coworking spaces, regardless of the type of customers that they serve.  

Flexi Desks/Hot Desks

These are desks that are used on a first come first serve basis. Each desk will contain the necessary amenities to plug in a laptop and connect to a high-speed internet connection.

The desks are almost always in use by different people, at different times, on a completely random, ad-hoc basis. Usually, there are no reservation systems – you come in, find a hot desk, plug your laptop in and work – often referred to as plug and play. Depending on your coworking space, you might get access to printers, meeting rooms, beverages, etc.

However, storing personal (or even official) items in Hot desks becomes nearly impossible, unless your Coworking service provider also offers you a safe space to store things. It is an ideal offering for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for a professional space to work out from.

Pro Tip!

Usually, there are no reservation systems – you come in, find a hot desk, plug your laptop in and work – often referred to as plug and play.

Dedicated Desks

Unlike Hot desks, dedicated desks are booked for you, for the period of your contract. Dedicated desks will be available for however long your coworking space is open, and you wouldn’t need to share your desk with someone else but that desk in a part of a shared space.

Dedicated desks, like hot desks, also come with the necessary power sockets, internet connection, meeting room credits, printer credits, complimentary beverages, etc, but would be a slightly better offering for storing non-valuable personal or official items.

However, if you need privacy or even additional security, you’re better off looking at some of the other offerings or talking to your coworking service provider about storage or locker facilities.

Day Pass  

Flexi desks, but only usable in the daytime. These seating options are available to you across the Centre. If you’re using these options then you should know that it doesn’t come with a dedicated storage and you might want to keep important documents with yourself.

Night Pass

Flexi desks, but only usable in the night-time. People willing to work at night hours can use much compact areas of the space on a flexible seating option and work in a more professional space than from your couch. As these spaces are also flexible in nature, you would not be getting any dedicated storage for your stuff.

Weekend Pass

Flexi desks, but only usable on the weekends. These spaces would be accessible to you throughout the Centre without any storage. This is a great option for freelancers and entrepreneurs to utilize their weekends from working in a professional environment.

Flexible Pass

If you are a frequent traveler, with a need to set up shop for 10, 15 or 20 days, this might be the best offering available for you. For the 10/15/20 days, you’ll get a flexi desk all for yourself. You’ll get access to all the necessary amenities. For a complete list of amenities that you can avail of, check out our previous article, which went through all the amenities that a coworking space offers.

Pro Tip!

If you want to try out a coworking space, but are not really sure if the service provider meets your needs, you might want to start out with a 20 days pass, and use it as a trial period, before signing up for a longer duration.

Manager Cabin

A manager’s cabin is an ideal pick for individuals and professionals looking to work in solitude. These workspaces are linear in nature with a formal setup where you can have discussions and entertain your clients exclusively.

Private Cabin/Office

Privacy is an important factor when working on your business. You would need utmost concentration while focusing, and that’s when private cabins become an ideal solution. They offer a formal and sometimes informal setup where you can have your clients over for discussions and meetings.

Studio Cabin

A studio cabin is a more vibrant offering when it comes to seating options in a coworking space. These are more informal in nature and can be setup with puffies and bean bags for a quirky twist. A little more luxurious and informal in nature and can be customized as per your aesthetic.

Managed Office

Managed office spaces are a different concept altogether. Unlike co-working spaces, managed office spaces will offer you increased levels of customization, culture development and privacy. You will not be sharing your managed office spaces with others like you would in regular coworking spaces.

Pro Tip!

These office spaces are customized and curated just for you, and thus will come with a longer lock-in period (usually more than 2 years).

You can read more about managed office spaces in our detailed article about managed office spaces here.

Travellers Passport

A traveler passport, also known as a coworking passport, allows your coworkers to access coworking spaces in other cities. This ensures that you don’t need to forfeit the comforts and working in coworking spaces every time you travel. You will also gain additional networking opportunities, apart from enjoying the amenities on offer from the coworking spaces in your city.


These are the different, most common types of seating arrangements on offer. Please note that this list does not contain the different types of conference/meeting rooms that are available in coworking spaces, as we will cover them in a future article.

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