Watch Our Esteem Client
Mr. Keyur Bhalavat

A Serial Entrepreneur who's previous startup was acquired by Squareyards sharing his experience of Distributed Workforce model at DevX.

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An entrepreneur in residence living his dream of running an independent Interior design unit.

Keyur began his journey working for companies like Reliance Retail, KHS Machinery and others. He is an investor turned startup entrepreneur with Plutomen working in Augmented and Virtual Reality for enterprise clients. Keyur is seen sharing his views on how the scenario has changed in pre and post Covid scenario and how has working from DevX centers changed the way the team operations were taking place. Catch him live in the video-sharing his experience into selecting DevX as an office space partner which was not just limited to Safety Measure by DevX.


Catch Mr. Parth Shah from DevX in Candid Conversation with Mr. Keyur Bhalavat from
Plutomen about his experience working from DevX.