Watch Our Esteem Client
Mr. Keyur Bhalavat

A Serial Entrepreneur who's previous startup was acquired by Squareyards sharing his experience of Distributed Workforce model at DevX.


We are unfolding the curtain on our 3 years journey and we begin with our Clients that turned Family staying with US during our thick & thin. We are coming up with a series “Clients Turned Family” to share our journey with clients.

Launched DevX Venture Fund

Investing in early stage tech-enabled B2B startups to
accelerate growth and unleash true potential.


Here we have multiple videos with questions and participants whole heartedly participated in the contest to make this an exciting one and win DevX hamper. Here are the glimpses of the videos that ran the entire contest.

Words of Widsom from our Founding
Team- The RUPyya Trio

Take a look at what our trio has to share with regards to the entire rebranding process at DevX. The
video also shares a deep vision they have for DevX sticking to the core od Spaces & Innovation.

Meet our newly
introduced SuperHeros

DevX is sticking to its core of spaces and innovation. To help our clients get a better clarity, through our re-branding, we have made a clear demarkation on what we do and how we do!