The work place to cherish

The work place to cherish

Now when we enter into the new decade, there are several things which goes underway. The best decade would stand still just like the water under the bridge, the world needs compassion more than passion, we enter into an era where the HR are respected to be empathetic and not disciplinary.

If we ever compare the workplaces in the past decades the requirements have immensely changed and so has the expectations from HRs.

The functions and roles of Human resource managers are core for each organisation and we always worship the slogan that Humans are the biggest assets for any organisation but we beg to differ & argue that Talent is the biggest asset and the way you nurture it derives your best ROI in simpler terms.

Lest take a roadmap to biggest hurdles faced by organizations and how we at DevX are planning to compete with them because keeping happiness intact is our slogan for the decade:

Sense of Belongingness

The most basic of all is the feeling of belongingness, you can never expect our team to accept each team mate with open arms – there will always be few who feel threatened in such situation. Every new member can use to friend to rely on.

Imagine it’s your first day & you are nervous about it. You enter the premises & all of a sudden you feel you do not belong here. It is rightly said the first impression lasts. So, when you keep your team mate waiting, they notice; when you yell at someone, they notice.

Now the question is how can you change that in the first place – A warm welcome always helps; we know all of us have our hectic schedule but few smiles and handshakes can always be helpful.

At DevX we do use a really old school technique which is called the Buddy Assignment. You may ask any team mate to spare 3 days off their schedule to help the person feel comfortable.

Because we all know it’s better to have a buddy to share our lunches with. Such little efforts improve the sustainability in the firm in the long shot and eventually motivate employees and increase the productivity. The team feels valued and the mate feels welcomed in the organisation.

Purpose of Existence

Merely existence in an organisation is never enough, one should always understand where does one stand & what is expected of them.

During our span in the market, we came across several profiles who were unhappy in their previous company because they claimed that the role which was explained to them before hiring never managed to meet up with the tasks which were provided to the personnel.

How can you overcome such common difficulty? It is mandatory to understand the behaviour and needs of the personnel, some like music, some may like crafts some may like dancing.

Although you can never give them everything ready on a platter but you can always help them with a big smile and few pushes which may be necessary.

We follow the practice of Honeymoon Period. Now, what exactly is a Honeymoon period? It is a time span of a week or two wherein we do not assign them any professional tasks. We tend to notice their behavioural traits in context to their patience, likes and dislikes and the results turn out amazing.

An organisation can never bring everything to your doorstep but can give a bell into your hands so that you may enter when required. A good understanding of the team creates a solid base for the entire department and helps in managing the team efficiently.

The practice helps the team mate connect better with other mates on similar grounds and interests and similar minds bring out empathy and passion in work. The practice can also help the employee to know the thin balancing line between their personal and professional objectives.

Handling of Conflicts

In our education system there are several methods of Handling Conflicts but let’s agree when it comes to real life, you tend to forget all those methods and wear the nearest shoe available.

Here at DevX (listed as one of the best co-working spaces), we tend to do things very differently. Same is when it comes to handling each crisis. We take several steps to avoid any major conflicts.

In the past few months we have tackled situations wherein the steps were taken with the support of our entire team and the suggestions were taken into consideration. It is important for the team to believe that their words matter, many times we tend to take decision with our wit and experience and a talented team can provide perspective to such conditions.

However, too many minds can also lead to adverse ideas and suggestions. It’s important to respect their words but under boundaries and conditions. At DevX, we tend to research and then react, small issues are the easiest to rise and sink as well, it depends on well minded leaders to decide how they wish to handle these minor conflicts.

Maintaining the Happiness Quotient High

There are majorly two reasons for any human to shift from organisation to organisation namely Better Pay and Job Satisfaction. As human beings we are always in search of purpose and in the coming decade the job satisfaction will be measured by the happiness quotient of the company.

Our motto is to keep team intact because that’s what families are for. We practice a Fortnite activity which we call Funday Monday. The purpose of this activity is to get everyone moving from there seats and shake them up from any blues which may hamper their productivity.

For starters, we noticed that everyone was more attentive to there works post the activity, plus everyone waited for Mondays to arrive along with the rarest possibility, cheery on the top, were the laughs which were immeasurable and delightful for us, to motivate the employees.

The activities are as short as an hour which includes the first meal of the week together, as we know team who eats together, stays together. Its important to involve each department and each cadre, be it the Co-Founders or the Housekeeping staff, which is only when you feel connected and equal.

Adhoc Professional and Personal Session

Everyone has their share of problems and some just are waiting to be heard or discussed. “Wo kehte hai na – bolna sabko aata hai, koi sunne wala chahiye.” HR roles revolve around several tasks but the most essential being team engagement. One day sessions are never enough, listening is what you practice each day, to be connected and be well aware of the employee’s share of problems.

We call that hour Break Out Session – any cadre of employee can have a word with the HR professional and can be sure that the words won’t get out. The session brought us closer both professionally and personally.

Professionally each team mate have certain doubts which might hover over them for a long period of time such as TDS, Tax Planning, Future Plans, Achieving Targets, and several other topics of discussion. Personally, we tend to listen a lot but not to give suggestion just to let them know that they always have an ear, which turns up their loyalty towards the organisation as well.

Being the part of bigger picture

It is rightly said do not choose an organisation, always choose a boss because they will determine your journey further. There have been several articles about how a good leader should be, how he should behave, how he should not behave. According to us, the major trait of being a leader is to act equal and not superior.

Small gestures can always make a positive effect. Imagine a boss entering and moving towards their cabin directly (sounds common right?) without greeting the team mates. Now imagine an organisation without any closed doors where the management sits right next to you and always enters by throwing a warm Hello! (sounds fun!). DevX is a team with the attitude of the later.

Here, each team member has the liberty to present their ideas, there is no fear of judgement or disappointment. The leaders here share everything with us be it their past of a failed startup or the upcoming plans and they make you feel home and an integral part of the revolution.

What our Co-founders believe:

Do whatever you can, if you fail you always have someone watching your back.” Believe me if you are in his team, he will fight with you and for you.– Rushit Shah

My team is my strength and if I have them, I have everything. If you are a member of Umesh’s team, you will discover several business ideas which no one ever knew existed.– Umesh Uttamchandani

Let’s try everything under the sky, if anything still falls short, I will find ways to do it. If you are in Parth’s Team you know you will have the most out of the box ideas in your plate and you will turn into a perfectionist.– Parth Shah


At DevX we tend to listen and understand. It’s really important to be empathetic towards each team member because ultimately, they are the pioneers of your plan. There is thin line between empathy and sympathy.

We always tend to look for someone who understands our struggles and achievements through out the journey but as an individual we despise sympathy. You can only understand your team mates once you step into their shoes.

For instance, you landed up into a heated argument with a fellow team mate because the tasks were not up to the mark but later discover that the fellow mate lost someone close that morning. It’s important to understand the cause of performance and then take necessary steps.

At DevX we never keep tabs of lunch breaks, we never keep a tab of hours. We trust our team with each decision. The actions of the employee always showcase their values and sincerity towards their work. We are always houseful even on Week Offs because the team feels they belong here.

DevX is grateful for each productive day and the hard work which each mate has put in to push DevX to where it is today. We always repeat one thing stand by us and we will stand by you.

“Each rock is a precious stone; it depends on how you polish it with your expertise.”

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